Monday, September 30, 2019

El Paso Border Ministry

Greetings!  …and Happy Fall!  I love this colorful season, and already the days are getting cooler in Grand Rapids, even though bits of Summer still lingers.  Yet I read this morning that Montana is buried under a couple of feet of snow while still in the month of September!  As a fan of snow, I’m ready for Winter, but I’ll enjoy the colors of this season as we move into Winter.

Along with this e-newsletter, I’m sending one last shout-out for our upcoming “Come and See” Weekend – this Friday, October 4th – Sunday October 6th!  You may still register online by clicking on the following link:

El Paso Border Ministry

Four weeks ago today, five of us (4 Dominican Sisters and a Paulist priest) returned from our mission in El Paso.  This week the four of us will share a PowerPoint presentation with our Sisters at Aquinata Hall.  Later this month and within the next few weeks, we will share a similar presentation and conversation with the Sisters in the Congregation when they come to Marywood for congregational meetings as well as with the students at Aquinas College and a couple of parishes who have invited us to share our experience.  For me, it has been the most moving experience I have had in my many years in ministry.  Below I’m including some pictures, which are only a few of the pictures (50 slides!) I included in the PowerPoint.

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