Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A "FAST" Lenten Season

This Year’s LENT: Fast (Food) Forty Days or Fast (Quick!) Forty Days?

It has been a while since I have sent an e-newsletter.  I’ve been under the weather for well over a week, and I’ve noticed several of our Sisters have too.  …but life goes on, and so does Lent!
We are soon coming to the end of the 40 days of Lent – Holy Week is next week!  As Sr. Kathy and I shared our reflections this morning during prayer, it seemed to the two of us that this has been a ‘fast’ Lenten Season.  Hopefully it has not been too fast, and there has been a deepening of relationship with God through prayer and in action.  She and I have used a Lenten Reflection book that calls us not only to prayer, reflection and sharing, but challenges to action each day.  I have found this very rewarding, yet I know there is always room for growth – especially in deepening my relationship with God!   God is ever-present and loving in our lives.  We often know that in our minds – and maybe even in our hearts, but sometimes we don’t know show it in our actions.  So, after this dawning realization that next week is Holy Week already, how can we still make this Lent a time to deepen our relationship with God?  Let’s do it!

Palm Sunday – April 9, 2017 – Is Also ‘Second’ Sunday!

Are you discerning a call to religious life?
Do you want to talk to someone about your vocation?

The second Sunday of each month is set aside for you!   
You are invited to spend the day with us,
and pray, worship, eat, play and meet with the
Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids. 

The next ‘Second Sunday’ is April 9th – Palm Sunday!  Some of you have indicated that you are coming this Sunday! I look forward to seeing/meeting you!  Still others have indicated that you’d be here on the second Sunday in May.  That’s great!  Please know that arrangements can also be made for other days or weekends – especially if you’re travelling far.  Either way, please do let me know if you’re coming, and I’ll make sure to have a place reserved for you!

I continue to pray for each one of you by name in my daily prayers.  The Sisters also pray for you daily!  Please know that we do not pray that you will enter with us –
(although I would personally love that)! 😉  
We pray with and for women who are discerning their life vocation, and then allow the Holy Spirit to guide you to God’s dream for you – for only God knows where you can best live your Baptismal call to a holy life

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