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Living Alleluia!

Dominican Women Afire!
Living Alleluia: Preaching in the Easter Season

Dominican Women Afire! began the Easter Season preaching!  During the 50 days of Easter, a daily shared preaching from one of the members of Dominican Women Afire! (DWA) will be posted on the DWA website.  I invite you to visit the website and reflect on the daily preaching by Dominican Sisters around the country.   

Members of Dominican Women Afire! have teamed up to preach the Good News in this Easter Season.  The daily Scripture readings will be preached each day by a different Sister through word, song and artistic expression.  You will be also find an option to subscribe to these daily on the website:

About the Dominican Women Afire!
Dominican Women Afire! is a collaborative movement of Dominicans under the age of 60 or less than 10 years finally professed. We seek to energize our Dominican Life through common study, prayer, and action. Dominican Women Afire! uses virtual communities to strengthen the bonds of relationship and expand our capacity for mission and ministry. We represent 16 U.S. Dominican congregations and have members in 9 countries ministering to the People of God through a wide range of ministries.

​Our beginnings...

More than 140 women, 59 and younger or less than 10 years finally professed, from 16 congregations of the Dominican Sisters Conference, fanned the flames of our Dominican charism at a multicultural, bilingual gathering in San Antonio, Texas on Labor Day Weekend 2014.  We were indeed Dominican Women Afire (DWA)!

Vowed Religious Meet With “Nones” 
at Dominican Center at Marywood

The Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids are pleased to share an excerpt of an opinion article written by Katy Gordon for The Rapidian, a community news organization based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A link to the full article also appears at the end.

Nuns & Nones: Conversation at intersection of Contemporary Religious, Secular Life
Local Dominican Sisters and Millennial Nones met in an inter-generational space which lead to conversations about how to sustain ourselves for decades in movements for social justice, how to stay connected with one another in a technological world that has potential for isolation, and so much more.
A few months ago, I wrote two articles on the trend in American religious life that has been dubbed by Pew Research as “the Rise of the ‘Nones.’” This language of the “Nones” is an umbrella term meant to include anyone who falls into a “none of the above” situation when filling out demographic information about their religious tradition. Including atheists, agnostics, and “nothing in particular,” according to recent surveys the Nones now account for the second largest religious group in America, resulting in roughly one in four overall, and one in three millennials. 
My first article explored how many of these Nones are building meaningful communities outside of religious institutions, and the second article suggested what religious institutions and Nones might be able to learn from one another.
As a so-called None myself, I was interested to see how religious leaders in our city would respond to these pieces. To my delight, a Dominican Sister emailed to let me know how she appreciated the perspective and wanted to learn more about and from the Nones.
When we sat down and talked, the similarities between her group, the Nuns, and my group, the Nones, became so obvious. Both Nuns and Nones are on the margins or fringes of our traditions. Both Nuns and Nones have a track record of challenging institutions in order to promote inclusion and justice. Both Nuns and Nones are seeking community that is open to questions and the continuous search for meaning.
Sunday, May 14th Is 'Second' Sunday!

Are you discerning a call to religious life?
Do you want to talk to someone about your vocation?

The second Sunday of each month is set aside for you!   
You are invited to spend the day with us,
Join us for Morning Prayer, Liturgy, and Dinner!

 The next ‘Second Sunday’ is May 14th!  Some of you have indicated that you are coming on that Sunday!  I look forward to seeing/meeting you! That’s great!  Please know that arrangements can also be made for other days or weekends – especially if you’re travelling far.  Either way, please do let me know if you’re coming, and I’ll make sure to have a place reserved for you!

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Continued Easter Blessings to you!

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